Dog parents, have a well-behaved and well trusted dog that you can take anywhere, anytime.

Dog training for the active dog parents.

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Dog parents. The time to stop struggling
with your dog is now!

Dog parents. I know you are struggling with your beloved dog, I work with people just like you. All of you want the best for your dog and for your dog to be a true family member, to fit into your lifestyle and for you to be able to go anywhere with them without having to worry.

If you are like most, taking your dog out is full of drama and you end up feeling more embarrassed than relaxed. You are feeling frustrated too when your dog doesn’t listen and god forbid if your dog ends up off lead or if you get approached by an off-lead dog. Not to mention the anxiety and the sadness of you not being able to take your dog to social places.

The good news is that you can get help for both you and your dog right now!

Training with Action Works Dog Training, you can have it all.....


Being able to go out anywhere with you dog and enjoy a glass of vino or a coffee.


Being able to take your dog out without feeling embarrassed or frustrated. 


Being able to have your beloved dog accompany you on mountain walks and beach walks.

Hi, my name is Nat and I believe your dog should be a part of your active family.

I have been helping dog parents on the Costa del Sol and the UK solve their dog’s behaviour problems since 2010 so that they can start to live life to the fullest again whilst regaining control and confidence. 

Nat is the leading dog training expert in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. As a certified, professional dog trainer, her main goal is to help the dog parents live the active lifestyle they want and deserve with their dogs while empowering them through dog training.

How to Get Started with Dog Training


Schedule a Free Consultation

We will connect via phone for an in-depth behavioural consultation. This way I can learn a bit more about you, your dog, and your goals.


Get a Custom Training Plan

We’ll create a customised training plan that focuses on our goals, your dog’s needs, and your lifestyle. No matter how busy you are.


Start your Dog Training Program

From here we will handle the rest and get your dog to be the best dog ever along with teaching you to be the best handler for your dog!

Dog Parents, it is time to get that dream life that you want with your dog.

You live in a beautiful part of the world.

Your dog is the apple of your eye. You want to share your adventures with them because, after all, you enjoy the outdoors lifestyle.

The vision that YOU have with your dog consists of being able to take them with you everywhere. To soak up the culture of the Costa del Sol with your best friend at your side.

You are mindful about the overall wellness of your dog. You want to nurture your darling dog and make sure that they are safe and happy when joining you in your active lifestyle, but you can’t find the resources to help you. This is where our lifestyle dog training comes in!

Join your fellow Costa del Sol Dog Parents so that you can live the lifestyle that you want to with your dog.

I help you train your dog’s so that you can live the life you deserve on the Coast.