When we met Natalie, our dog was a jumping, barking, lunging mess. On top of that she couldn’t be left home alone at all as she’d bark throughout our absence. We had worked with countless other dog trainers but weren’t making progress. We love our dog so much but were truly at a loss as to what to do next. Natalie was a breath of fresh air, taking a holistic approach to our dog’s wellbeing and training, rather than troubleshooting each individual “symptom”. We made changes to our dog’s diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle as well as training exercises and finally our efforts paid off. Natalie has a unique way of training and always comes up with creative (and sometimes quirky!) solutions to our dog training challenges which are incredibly effective. Thanks to our time working with Natalie we finally have our dream dog! We can now take her anywhere, to cafés, busy shopping centres or just a walk on the beach and know that it will be a fun relaxed experience. She also offered a completely new approach to separation training which transformed our dog’s ability to stay home alone. Most importantly, Natalie isn’t “just” dog trainer. She is a coach, an advocate, a cheerleader and when needed a shoulder to cry on and is truly invested in our success. Overall, working with Natalie has massively improved our dog’s quality of life and ours. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Julea Davies

I have 2 lockdown dogs, who understandably due to lack of socialisation have some issues, I have used Nat before and she was my first and only person I called. Her empathy with dogs, her attention to what the dogs are feeling and working within their comfort parameters whilst gently giving them the skills to succeed is amazing, my dogs are by no means “easy dogs” but with Nat’s guidance and with myself following up on the skills she has taught me they have come a very long way. A good dog trainer is hard to find an exceptional dog trainer is a rare animal but that is exactly what Nat is.

Michaela Klapilova

Hello I wanted to thank Natalie and give a little update and instead of messaging her I would love to thank her publicly. Natalie Marsii is so much better. I can sleep at night and she is about 20% anxious to what she used to be. And.. Wait for it.. Without meds!!! So I would love to thank you with my whole heart for everything that you taught me, for your support and incredible help. You are my angel forever. So I recommend Natalie 250%!!!!! Your dog will be in literally the best hands possible. She is all model when I take pics of her but selfie with mum? Yewwww hahaha

Julea Davies

My Yorkshire Terrier, Maya, was a few months old when we found Action Works Dog Training. Nats quickly became not only Maya’s trainer but her best friend as well, finding the perfect balance between discipline and fun. It is no exaggeration to say that the highlight of Maya’s week is her session with Nats. I unreservedly recommend Action Works Dog Training. A good dog trainer is hard to find an exceptional dog trainer is a rare animal but that is exactly what Nat is.