Lifestyle Dog Training Program

You live on the sunny Costa del Sol. Your vision with your dog is that you can enjoy the outdoors lifestyle together. You and your fur-baby, taking in the culture and enjoying the nature as one.

Whether you want to safely enjoy off-leash walks or be able to enjoy a peaceful stroll along the paseo or to relax and have a coffee or a Copa de vino with your beautiful dog at your side, this immersive program has it all.

Problem Behaviours

Do you find taking your dog out stressful? Or maybe the problems are within your own home?

As much as you love your fur-baby, sometimes a little bit of extra help is essential to make both of your lives more enjoyable.

Whatever you are going through with your dog, we have got you and we can 100% guarantee that you are not alone. Don’t struggle in silence, reach out today to see how we can help.


Your dog is the apple of your eye, but without solid foundations, you may miss out on being able to share your lifestyle with your darling dog.

Empower yourself and create a trusting relationship between the two of you by getting the groundwork in place.

Whether you have a puppy, a new dog or want to have a better connection with your fur-baby, this 8-week course will get you on the right track.