Accreditations and Certifications

Choosing a dog trainer or behaviour consultant can be hard.

At Action Works Dog Training we strive to deliver the best service that we possibly can for both you and your dog. We do this by continuing our own education, and by affiliating ourselves with reputable organisations with a strict code of ethics that have to be adhered to at all times.

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT)

”CSATs are widely recognized as the leaders in treating separation anxiety, in no small part due to our unparalleled track record of successfully resolved cases. Trainers all over the world refer their separation anxiety cases and inquiries to our team of CSATs.”

Dog Training

Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

”The Pet Professional Guild is a membership organization representing pet industry professionals who are committed to results based, science based force-free training and pet care.’’

Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor (CBATI)

”Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructors (CBATIs) are the best choice when you are looking to use BAT for aggression, frustration, fear, and socialization. CBATIs are professional trainers who have passed a detailed practical skills assessment and theoretical exam about BAT for dog reactivity.

CBATIs are experienced trainers who have trained clients and dogs for at least 200 hours, with half of those hours specifically in behaviour modification for fear, aggression, and frustration. CBATIs have been certified directly by Grisha Stewart and her team to do BAT.”

Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

”The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), established in 2001, is the leading independent certifying organization for the dog training profession. The CCPDT is the leader in the development of rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery of humane, science-based dog training practices. 

Thousands of dog training professionals worldwide maintain the CCPDT’s certifications as a mark of high professional distinction.”

Action Works uses years of experience to help address your dog’s specific problems.
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