Dog Training

Meet Nat

Using her incredible amount of knowledge and her deep understanding of dog behaviour developed over the last decade along with her tenacious energy, Nat can solve the most problematic behaviours with a creative twist approach to dog training.

Nat understands not all dogs and their humans learn the same way and that the same cookie-cutter dog training programmes often fail both humans and dogs alike, as in her experience with her dogs.

Nat is fueled by compassion for dogs’ mental and physical welfare (and all animals); Nat partners closely with her dog training clients, focusing on lifestyle dog training. Meaning, you’ll be able to go anywhere and do anything with your well-behaved dog – from biking on the boardwalk to enjoying a glass of vino with your furry best friend.

When not training dogs, you can find Nat at her home base, the campo in Estepona with her best mate, or out having adventures with her four dogs Beanz & Kiz (aka The twins), Kobus the Galgo, and Norte.


Certified Professional Dog Trainer